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PVS Consultants is a NYC parking ticket broker representing various companies and their commercial vehicles disputes throughout the tri-state area.  As a parking ticket broker, we schedule weekly, face to face hearings to make sure our client’s parking tickets are handled in a timely manner giving them the ultimate chance for dismissal.

Officers are writing more and more tickets these days, but they’re also making many mistakes.  Having an established ticket broker is one of the best ways to increase your savings, avoid paying penalties and cut down on your overhead.  We currently review and run all our client’s plates on a weekly basis, printing their tickets and preparing them to be heard

After each hearing, we produce a very easy to read customer report which details each ticket from the date it was issued, explanation of the violation, hearing date and result. Whether you have a small company with 1-2 commercial vehicles or a fleet with 40+ company vehicles, no business is too small or too big for our staff to handle your tickets and protect your bottom line.


Weekly scheduled face to face hearings at the New York Parking Violation Bureau (PVB) to ensure that all violations are handled in a timely manner.


Customer reports detailing each and every parking ticket heard, separated by vehicle plate number, defining the parking violation code and how much money was saved.


Next day hearing results.


Handling of the parking ticket payment process on your behalf (at no additional cost) so that parking tickets are paid to the PVB on time to ensure that any errors are identified and rectified.


Parking ticket monitoring on all company vehicle license plates.


No lengthy contracts.


24×7 support.

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"Our reduction in costs for using PVS Consultants exceeds $50,000 each year. The financial benefits gained from PVS are great! We also do not need to spend time or labor hours previously required every time we went to court to dispute a ticket. They are very professional and I hardly need to do any follow ups with them."

"PVS has been handling our tickets since January of 2005 and has enabled us to save thousands of dollars in fines and penalties. We have reduced our yearly expense by 66% and in 2007 we had a record low of just $2900.00. That is phenomenal considering we have five trucks in NYC every day. PVS is knowledgeable, efficient and timely. I wouldn’t use anyone else"